Brahma Retreat

Brahma, the divine embodiment of creation in Hindu culture, stands as a majestic deity. This extraordinary package unveils the enigmatic world of Balinese tradition.

Embark on an enchanting odyssey, where the very essence of your soul is purified through a transcendent voyage, transcending realms and traversing ancient pathways.

With every step, the sacred energy of this mystical journey flows, dissolving hindrances and unlocking profound spaces within, leaving you immersed in a realm of unparalleled beauty and spiritual serenity.


09:00 AM
Yoga Himalayan Kriya MIX Hatha Yoga at Yoga Shala

10:15 AM
Walking meditation to the Beji

10:30 AM
Water purification, praying

11:00 AM
Open space, to chill on the river

Free time
Location attractions, check the Balinese birthdate, and history of the God & Goddess of Bali. Lunch at your leisure.

03:30 PM
Yin Yoga at Yoga Shala