Our Realm

Alligning with our spirit and philosophy, Stanagiri Villas Ubud continuously promotes our area and destination in Bali, Indonesia, and abroad. We are supporting the local community and the partnership made with local village organizations, the Subak Councils (traditional irrigation system), and associations in the fields of Art and Culture. In addition to this, the choice of our associates and suppliers nearby favour the development of the area.

The Realm

Our Associates

The satisfaction of our Associates is as important as our Guests. Local talents recruitment and their professional development through various training activities is our main priority. We encourage our Associates’ motivation and responsible benefits, therefore it stimulates a mutual relationship of trust and a sense of belonging. 

Story of Subak

Subak is a unique and ancient system of irrigation that has been used by the Balinese people for over a thousand years. It is a way of distributing water from the mountains to the rice fields below, and is an essential part of the island’s agricultural tradition.

The story of Subak begins with the Hindu Majapahit Empire, which ruled over much of Indonesia in the 14th century. At that time, Bali was a small kingdom known as the Kingdom of Gelgel, which was ruled by a king named Dalem Waturenggong.

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